• Students study words and notice patterns, understand where words come from and why they are spelled the way they are, transfer knowledge of word patterns from their spelling lists to their writing, and learn proofreading techniques that are applicable to all writing.
  • Students are assigned a weekly word list and are expected to use correct spelling in daily work.
  • The spelling list will be assigned on Monday. Students will be assigned 13 words that follow the week's pattern, and then they will be given four bonus words that follow the same pattern on Friday.
  • The weekly list will also include three "learned" words that do not follow a reliable pattern and must be memorized.
  • Students will take their spelling test on Friday by writing each word, or they will take a spelling test using the app Spellingcity.com.
  • Students will have their own login for Spellingcity.com.
  • Ms. Braun is teaching spelling this year. If you have any spelling questions send them her way.

Visit the Weekly Lists page to find the current spelling list, as well as the lists from previous weeks.

More information about the Lower Division at Casady School is available on our main website.