Social Studies


I grew up in Edmond and spent 18 years as a student at Casady, graduating in 1984. I'm now back at Casady in a different capacity as I begin my second year teaching at my alma mater. Starting my 18th year of teaching Elementary Education, I remain passionate about sharing how to learn with depth and joy and to think critically with my students. Our Mission Statement embodies my philosophy about teaching the whole child, focusing not only on academic growth but also on social and emotional knowledge and understanding.

Teaching is my second career but is my first love; I graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College with a degree in Economics and began working as a bank manager in Atlanta. I knew this wasn't my life's mission, so I went back to school at Georgia State University and earned my Masters degree in Elementary Education and Georgia Teacher's Certification.

This new path led me to working in an inner-city public school in Atlanta. My passion and calling were then fulfilled...until I had my two wonderful children. I stayed home for 12 years with them as a full-time mom, moving to Ft Lauderdale in the meantime.

Fortunately, I was able to be a substitute teacher in their schools in Florida and then became a full-time teacher at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale. I spent 12 years at Pine Crest as a first, second, fourth, and fifth grade teacher through the years. I worked at Pine Crest until I moved here last year.

My daughter, Ashleigh, is 23 and working in New York City and Westport, Connecticut. Bennett, my 20 year old son, is in college in Florida. Other than traveling to visit them or looking forward to their visits here, I love to read both professional literature and for pleasure; watch football; play with my French Bulldog puppy, Hank; and spend time with my friends.


I believe in today's complex and interconnected world, the necessity for a comprehensive study of history, geography, civics, economics, and government by our students is more vital than it has ever been. Our developmentally appropriate study will have two lines of thinking that will guide us:

  • How do the decisions we make affect others?
  • How might I contribute to society?

In addition to these "throughlines", I believe in the power of cultivating an open mindset and a growth mindset. I will be actively incorporating lessons to help students develop this way of thinking. Students will develop the ability to listen to others, share, learn about our similarities and differences, and realize the power of mistakes to learn from and to guide next steps - all with understanding and empathy.

Our studies will be based in the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and the Oklahoma State Social Studies Standards. We will be exploring our community and world through reading literature and articles, conducting interviews, doing research, having conversations, writing to share and clarify our ideas, presenting our knowledge and skills to others in a variety of ways, celebrating creativity and individual expression, and also completing group projects. My goal is to engage the students and help them find joy and relevance in their studies and to have depth in understanding.

Visit the Resources for Student Exploration page to find sites that are inspirational and enlightening.

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