Homework Table of Contents

Practicing math at home is a vital component of our math class. Use the table of contents below to navigate ways your child can practice math at home.

Everyday Mathematics Skills Link Book

The Everyday Mathematics Skills Link book contains problems for extra practice at home. Each lesson from class will have a corresponding practice page in the Skills Link book. Books should be returned on Friday so that we can check the week's pages in class.

Math Fact Fluency Practice

We, along with the authors of Everyday Mathematics, believe that math fact fluency is a vital component in math success. Students should spend five to ten minutes each school night practicing to reach mastery by the end of the year. Ways to practice math facts are listed below.

  • XtraMath website. More information about this site is listed below in the Math Websites for Extra Practice section.
  • Games
    • Roll two dice: Add, subtract, or multiple the dice. Challenge: create a word problem with the two numbers.
    • Math War: Using a deck of cards, flip over two cards just like the game of war. For addition, add the numbers and the highest sum wins. For subtraction, subtract the numbers and the lowest difference wins. For multiplication, multiply the numbers and the highest product wins, and for an added challenge have your child give you the inverse division problem. The person with the most cards wins.
    • Slapjack - Using a deck of cards, play slapjack but without the jacks! Lay two cards down. Add, subtract, or multiply the numbers. The first person to say the answer can slap the cards and wins the pile. The person with the most cards wins.
  • You or your child could also make flash cards to practice.

Problem of the Day Calendar

A Problem of the Day calendar is an additional enrichment opportunity for your child. The calendar has 20 days worth of enrichment problems for your child to complete. Some problems may be on content that we have not yet covered. The calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each month and should be returned at the end of the month.

The March Problem of the Day Calendar is due Wednesday, April 1st.

Math Websites for Extra Practice

Technology is a great resource for students to use to practice math. Click on the underlined websites to visit each resource.

XtraMath is a free web-based program that helps students master basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. XtraMath will be provided as one tool for daily practice at school and will also be offered as an additional resource for the students to use at home. XtraMath Certificates are earned as they master components of the program.

For math remediation and enrichment, IXL is an online program that students can use to remediate or enrich. It is a fun, engaging, comprehensive learning program that offers unlimited math practice problems in thousands of skills. We will use it in class and students can also access it at home, allowing you to see his/her progress. IXL allows you to set goals and is designed to let your child learn at his or her own pace, so it will adjust based on your child’s ability and needs. Students can earn IXL certificates as they master components of the program.

More information about the Lower Division at Casady School is available on our main website.